Zhuonan Zhang, Yixuan Li

Influencing Factors of Professional Identity, Health Behavior and their Correlation with Job Burnout in Nursing Staffs in Pension Institution

  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Social Psychology
  • Health (social science)

Objectives: In this study, we investigated factors impacting nurses’ professional identity in elderly careinstitutions and their connection to occupational burnout. Methods: Using convenience sampling, 394 nursesfrom local elderly care facilities were surveyed from May 2022 to May 2023. The Elderly Nurses’ ProfessionalIdentity Scale, Occupational Burnout Scale, and Health Behavior Scale were employed. Single-factor andmultiple-factor logistic regression analyses identified risk factors influencing professional identity. Results:Results revealed a negative correlation (r = -0.392, p < .05) between professional identity and occupationalburnout. We found statistically significant differences with respect to age, education, income, working hours,number of elderly cared for, family support, and professional qualification (p < .05). Multiple-factor regressionshowed that age ≥ 40 years, income ≤ 3000 yuan, working >10 hours, caring for >10 elderly individuals,and lack of family support were independent risk factors (OR = 0.608, 2.494, 0.555, 0.630, 2.638, p < 0.05)influencing professional identity. Additionally, nurses’ health behavior was linked to occupational burnout.Conclusion: Nurses in elderly care institutions face low professional identity, which negatively correlateswith occupational burnout. Factors such as advanced age, low income, high workload, and insufficientfamily support contribute to this. Moreover, nurses’ health behavior significantly affects their burnout levels.

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