Andrea Klinovszky, Norbert Buzás, Viola Sallay, Csaba Lengyel, Orsolya Papp-Zipernovszky

Behind the Curtain: Patients’ Perceptions, Treatment Expectations and Behavior in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Self-management

  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Social Psychology
  • Health (social science)

Objectives: The objectives of this qualitative study were to understand patients’ diabetes perceptions andtreatment experiences, and to explore the most common behavioral aspects related to Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus(T2DM) self-management. Methods: We included 50 insulin-treated T2DM patients in the study. The semi structuredinterview texts were analyzed using thematic analysis. The interview questions were organizedaround 3 major groups of questions focusing on the history of the disease, the current treatment regimen,and the ecological context of the treatment. Results: According to the results of our qualitative analysis,the emotional correlates dominated a significant proportion of responses of insulin-treated T2DM patients.Moreover, we stated that exploring and understanding diabetes-specific coping strategies, attitudes to insulintherapy, patients’ treatment satisfaction and openness to new insulin delivery technologies are essentialfor providing professional support in diabetes treatment. Conclusion: The therapeutic behavior of insulin treatedT2DM patients is determined by the patients’ emotional engagement with diabetes and treatment,and the effectiveness of the given diabetes-specific methods for coping with treatment-related difficulties.

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