Ping-Wei Song, Hai-Ning Zou, Bo-Lin Sun, Lian-Cheng Qiu, Lei Yu

Application of a Quality Control Circle Method in Reducing the Incidence Rate of Vasovagal Reflex in Patients Treated with Vascular Intervention Surgery

  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Social Psychology
  • Health (social science)

Objectives: In this paper, we discuss the effect of a quality control circle (QCC) method on reducing theincidence rate of vasovagal reflex (VVR) in patients treated with vascular intervention surgery. Methods:We selected 190 patients treated with vascular intervention surgery at Yantai Yuhuangding Hospital (YantaiCity, Shandong Province) from January 22, 2021 to February 24, 2023. A random number table was usedto divide these patients into a research group (N=95) and a control group (N=95. We compared multipleindices between the 2 groups. Results: The incidence rate of VVR in the research group was lower than inthe control group (10.53% vs 22.11%, χ2 = 4.664, p < .05). The comparison results of physical status betweenthe 2 groups showed that the heart rate (83.00 ± 5.00 vs 67.00 ± 5.00), systolic blood pressure (123.36 ±11.42 vs 112.36 ± 10.31), diastolic blood pressure (81.32 ± 9.76 vs 64.81 ± 8.94), urinary dysfunction (19 vs41), abdominal discomfort (14 vs 34), defecation desire (11 vs 32), and health survey (65.37±9.52 vs 57±9.88)scores of the research group were greater than those of the control group (p < .05). The depression andanxiety levels, degree of compliance with medical orders and level of satisfaction in the research group weregreater than in the control group (p < .05). Conclusions: The application of QCC will significantly reducethe incidence rate of VVR in patients treated with vascular intervention surgery, enhance communicationand cooperation with patients, improve therapeutic efficiency, prevent surgical risks, and ensure safety.

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