Nothing but a
Referencing Tool

With CiteDrive, the focus is on a simple and equally appealing user experience.

From the beginning, we wanted the app to be beautiful but distraction-free, with simply a few and yet the most essential functions and minimal fuss.

We want to offer you a techno-stress-free experience while working on your paper. No intrusive social network nonsense, ads, and features that no one asks for. In the end, CiteDrive is and will always be “nothing” but a reference manager, with precisely the functions you need!

Project and platform based

No folder chaos; instead, each of your works gets its own project. You can choose between our standard, BibTeX, and R-Markdown projects, each with native support for generating citations and bibliographies in the correct format. All your references are in the cloud—no more stress with data loss or with annoying patches.

Fully collaborative and unobtrusive!

We know how essential teamwork is for scientists. Comprehensive tools for teams have become commonplace, and most importantly, papers are rarely written alone. We have therefore built our platform for collaboration.
Add colleagues to your project at any time. You and your team collect, structure, and annotate references and material for your work, clearly organized in one project.

Your work on the go and on any device.

True portability shouldn't be an afterthought.

We conceptualized CiteDrive from the beginning as a form factor and device-agnostic platform for a seamless experience on all devices. Your on-the-go experience reviewing a paper your colleague presently saved should feel just as natural as CiteDrive on the desktop.

Simple but powerful!

No more back and forth and no more installing countless plugins on your devices. We generate citations and bibliographies in the cloud, which you can then conveniently use in your paper.
Whether for Word, Google-docs, LaTeX, or R-markdown, we provide you with the necessary tools and over 9000 citation styles and various output languages. We want to be a pure platform for citing and creating bibliographies and work in conjunction with the tools you already use. You can directly feed the citations and bibliographies into your writing program or export them to other literature management programs. And we have seamless integrations with Overleaf, Word, Google Docs, R-Markdown, and many other tools.

+ 9000 more

CiteDrive is for everyone!

CiteDrive is excellent for students who welcome a simple user environment. But it's also a powerful tool for scientists and industry professionals who use CiteDrive as an extension and straightforward platform for collaborative work. In addition to our off-the-shelf cloud offering, we offer custom, consultative and on-premise solutions to meet regulatory and compliance requirements.