Streamline your bibliographic research with
the world's most straightforward BibTeX-first reference management tool

Cite in Context

Use the CiteDrive Companion browser add-on to seamlessly collect references as you conduct research across popular platforms, including Google Scholar and Pubmed, or even non-DOI websites– all without leaving the page.

Connect your bibliography

CiteDrive links with Overleaf and RStudio seamlessly. When you or your teammates alter your project, the BibTeX .bib file will automatically update your bibliography in your Overleaf or RStudio project if you use CiteDrive to manage it.

Collaborate Seamlessly

Add collaborators to your CiteDrive project with a couple of clicks. Collect references, revise and generate citations together and stop sharing stale bibliography files and databases.

BibTeX empowered

Do you keep your bibliography in a big text file? If that’s the case, CiteDrive is for you, with a user interface to go alongside it. We didn’t build CiteDrive as an afterthought for BibTeX users; we built it with them in mind.


Want to leverage extended BibLaTeX or your own bespoke fields? Customize your BibTeX code as you see fit while collecting and editing references, rather than BibTeX support as an afterthought. With our in-built editor, you handle your bibliography, not with opinionated forms.

Control and Error-Handling

You can easily save papers from your browser with just a few clicks - displaying a preview for you to modify. CiteDrive will notify you if your format is erroneous and there are duplicate papers so that you can collaborate without interfering with one another.