Xueqing Wu, Zhengli Li, Ming Jiang

Health Exercise and Class Performance as Determining Factors of Students’ Mental Well-being

  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Social Psychology
  • Health (social science)

Objective: This research aimed to examine the impact of the mental wellbeing of students on their learningimprovement, critical thinking, and active participation in classroom activities. Existing studies have onlyhighlighted different aspects of student mental health and exercise, but the relationship between studenthealth exercise with their mental well-being in the context of their classroom activities was not dealt with.Methods: The primary data collected from 457 respondents, who were teachers in the Jiangsu Province ofChina, was analyzed by SPSS statistical tool. The cross-sectional data and the scale items for this researchwere reflective in nature. Results: By analyzing the data, the research found that from the perspective ofteachers, the impact of the mental well-being of students on their learning improvement, critical thinking, andactive participation in classroom activities was positive and significant. Conclusions: These findings can beimplemented all over the world for the improvement of students’ mental well-being and standard learning.Health exercise would be accepted as a significant factor in influencing the mental well-being of studentsfor improving their learning improving, critical thinking, and active participation in classroom activities.

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