Jiao Wu, Jingyi Li, Wenxiang Shao, Yue Hu, Hongfu Chen, Yunhai Chen, Yong Chen, Qian Liu, Meiying Ao

Cyclodextrins as therapeutic drugs for treating lipid metabolism disorders

  • Public Health, Environmental and Occupational Health
  • Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism

SummaryObjectiveThis study sought to systematically compare the efficacy and mechanism of cyclodextrins as drug interventions in lipid metabolism diseases, potentially providing ideas for subsequent research directions and clinical applications.MethodsWe used the bibliometric method for feature mining, applied VOSviewer software for clustering analysis, and applied content analysis for objective descriptions and accurate analysis.Results(1) We collected more than 50 studies, which is the basic database of this study. (2) The academic bubble map showed that this research area was popular in the United States. (3) Cluster analysis showed that the intensively studied diseases in this field were Niemann–Pick type C (NPC), atherosclerosis (AS), and obesity. The hot‐spot cyclodextrin types were HP‐β‐CD. (4) Literature measurement revealed the involvement of 15 types of lipid metabolism diseases. Among them, NPC, diabetes, and obesity were studied in clinical trials. Dyslipidemia and AS have been reported relatively more frequently in animal experiments. The studies of cellular experiments provide insight into the molecular mechanisms that intervene in lipid metabolism diseases from multiple perspectives. The exploration of the molecular mechanisms by which cyclodextrins exert their pharmacological effects mainly revolves around lipid metabolism.ConclusionIt is worthwhile to investigate the role and mechanism of cyclodextrins in other lipid metabolism diseases. The potential efficacy evaluation of cyclodextrins as pharmaceutical drugs for oral or injectable formulations is less studied and may become a new focus in the future.

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