DOI: 10.3390/wevj14120343 ISSN: 2032-6653

Research on Stability Control Algorithm of Distributed Drive Bus under High-Speed Conditions

Shaopeng Zhu, Bangxuan Wei, Chen Ping, Minjun Shi, Chen Wang, Huipeng Chen, Minglu Han
  • Automotive Engineering

Aiming at the instability problem of a four-wheel independent drive electric bus under high-speed conditions, this paper first designs a vehicle yaw stability controller based on a linear two-degree-of-freedom model and a linear quadratic programming (LQR) algorithm. A vehicle roll stability controller is then designed based on a linear three-degree-of-freedom model and a model predictive control algorithm (MPC). Moreover, a coordinated control rule based on the lateral load transfer rate (LTR) is designed for the coupled problem of yaw and roll dynamics. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed control algorithm is verified by simulation. The obtained results show that when the vehicle is running at a high speed of 90 km/h, the stability control algorithm can control the yaw rate tracking error within 0.05 rad/s. In addition, the control algorithm can reduce the maximum amplitude of the side slip angle, the maximum value of the roll angle, the maximum value of the roll angular velocity, and the amplitude of the lateral acceleration by more than 96%, 81.1%, 65.0%, and 11.1%, respectively.

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