DOI: 10.30785/mbud.1357883 ISSN: 2548-0170

Evolution of Commemorative Landscapes: An Analysis of Gallipoli Historical Site's Memorial Places

Necla Ece ÖNCÜL
  • Automotive Engineering
This study examines the development of memorial sites on the Gallipoli Historical Site, investigating the complex relationship between historical events, architectural structures, and landscape design. The research evaluates the evolution of designs by doing a literature analysis, selecting sites, and conducting examination. It emphasises a significant change from traditional monuments to modern landscapes that include nature. The unique characteristics of the Gallipoli Historical Site are crucial in developing cultural and national identities. The findings emphasise the significance of creating memorial places that are economically efficient, inventive, and respectful to the location. The study suggests integrating symbolic planting design features and recognises the ongoing discussion on memorial design, promoting nature-based landscapes that pay tribute to shared memories while adhering to contemporary design principles.

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