DOI: 10.30785/mbud.1312738 ISSN: 2548-0170

Digital Approach in Conservation of Heritage: 3D Virtual Reconstruction Applications in Ancient Cities

  • Automotive Engineering
Virtual reconstruction through digital methods should be implemented in the conservation process to obtain an accurate representation of cultural heritage, establish its value, and ensure the transfer of information to future generations through a secure, reversible, and cost-effective approach. A critical evaluation of fifteen virtual reconstruction applications will be performed regarding their objective, data collection and reconstruction methods, and visual representation outputs. The selected three studies will be analyzed in detail by their superiorities and competencies in reconstruction. The research performs a literature review on cultural heritage conservation, traditional and digital perspectives on conservation, and virtual reconstruction applications. The analysis intends to guide further studies, offering a deeper understanding and clarification of software preferences as virtual reconstruction becomes prominent in archaeology. The study enables the determination and assessment of methodological alternatives through outcomes by comparative review and, as a result, compiles and showcases the suitable techniques for the reconstruction process.

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