DOI: 10.1515/opag-2022-0219 ISSN:

How intergenerational farmers negotiate their identity in the era of Agriculture 4.0: A multiple-case study in Indonesia

Emi Widiyanti, Ravik Karsidi, Mahendra Wijaya, Prahastiwi Utari
  • General Agricultural and Biological Sciences


Identity has become a fascinating object of exploration in various aspects of life and work, including farming. Many studies have examined the extent to which farmers reconstruct their identities, and only a limited number have evaluated the forms of negotiation from a communication perspective. Therefore, herein, we addressed this gap by analysing the identity challenges experienced by farmers in the agricultural era 4.0. A comprehensive farmer identity negotiation model was developed by conducting a multi-case study involving millennial and Generation X farmers from different regions in Indonesia. Data were collected through in-depth interviews with 16 farmers who have embraced Agriculture 4.0 across five regencies in Indonesia. The results showed that farmer identity is maintained and built through various processes, including education, outreach, affiliation, and social networking. Farmer identity negotiation also involves self-preparedness, such as developing communication competence and receiving environmental support through social connections, media, and access to information. The process of farmer identity negotiation ultimately leads to the affirmation of identity, manifesting in changes in social roles, lifestyle changes, and improved farming quality. The advent of Agriculture Revolution 4.0 has necessitated the availability of innovative information, provided access to information and communication technology, and spaces for farmer communities to improve their farming competence.

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