DOI: 10.1093/jsxmed/qdae001.170 ISSN: 1743-6095

(180) Unveiling Consumer Interest and Regional Disparities: Comparative Analysis of Online Search Trends for Penile Aesthetic Procedures

MAM Hammad, J Banton, J Miller, FA Yafi
  • Urology
  • Reproductive Medicine
  • Endocrinology
  • Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
  • Psychiatry and Mental health



In recent years, the introduction of Penuma, an implantable silicone penile sleeve, offers urologists a tool in the cosmetic enhancement of the penis, specifically for individuals who are concerned regarding the perceived size of their penis, with buried penis, and with mild to moderate penile curvature. With the increasingly widespread adoption of Penuma, it is crucial to understand how public interest in Penuma compares to other related interventions such as hyaluronic acid injections.


To assess the online search interest over time for Penuma and other penile enhancement terms on a national and regional scale.


Google Trends data from 2018 to March 2021 were utilized to analyze online traffic for the search terms “Penuma”, “penile implant”, “penile girth”, “HLA injection”, and “penis injection”. Trendlines were generated to assess the changes in search interest over time. The highest search interest locations were identified for each term.


While online searches for Penuma increased between 2018 through 2021, interest in Penuma has since been in decline (Figure 1). While interest in penile implants remained higher than Penuma throughout the study period, Penuma remained a more popular term compared to other cosmetic treatments including penile injections and HLA injections. In terms of regional disparities, the highest search interest for Penuma was observed in San Antonio, TX, while penile girth searches were highest in OKC, OK. Penile implant searches were prominent in Mobile, AL, and Birmingham, AL. Notably, HA injection searches peaked in New York, NY, and penis injection searches were most prevalent in Los Angeles, CA.


This study highlights the dynamics of online search interest of Penuma in relation to other penile enhancement terms. While general interest in penile implants and penile girth surpasses that of Penuma, regional disparities in search patterns are evident. The findings emphasize the need for further research to understand the factors driving these disparities and the implications for consumer decision-making in different regions. Such insights can assist healthcare professionals and policymakers in tailoring educational initiatives and resource allocation to meet the diverse needs and preferences of individuals seeking penile enhancement procedures.


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