DOI: 10.1111/gtc.13063 ISSN:

Validity of the cell‐extracted proteome as a substrate pool for exploring phosphorylation motifs of kinases

Tomoya Niinae, Naoyuki Sugiyama, Yasushi Ishihama
  • Cell Biology
  • Genetics


Three representative protein kinases with different substrate preferences, ERK1 (Pro‐directed), CK2 (acidophilic), and PKA (basophilic), were used to investigate phosphorylation sequence motifs in substrate pools consisting of the proteomes from three different cell lines, MCF7 (human mammary carcinoma), HeLa (human cervical carcinoma), and Jurkat (human acute T‐cell leukemia). Specifically, recombinant kinases were added to the cell‐extracted proteomes to phosphorylate the substrates in vitro. After trypsin digestion, the phosphopeptides were enriched and subjected to nanoLC/MS/MS analysis to identify their phosphorylation sites on a large scale. By analyzing the obtained phosphorylation sites and their surrounding sequences, phosphorylation motifs were extracted for each kinase‐substrate proteome pair. We found that each kinase exhibited the same set of phosphorylation motifs, independently of the substrate pool proteome. Furthermore, the identified motifs were also consistent with those found using a completely randomized peptide library. These results indicate that cell‐extracted proteomes can provide kinase phosphorylation motifs with sufficient accuracy, even though their sequences are not completely random, supporting the robustness of phosphorylation motif identification based on phosphoproteome analysis of cell extracts as a substrate pool for a kinase of interest.

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