DOI: 10.1155/2024/6410202 ISSN: 1687-5877

Triple-Band MIMO Antenna for 5 G Terminals

Adnane Ghiat, Abdelwahed Tribak, Jaouad Terhzaz, Asmae Mimouni, Hanan Akhdar
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

In this work, a triple-band, four-element antenna is designed for fifth-generation (5 G) terminals operating in LTE band 42 (3.4–3.6 GHz), LTE band 43 (3.6–3.8 GHz), and the new 5 G radio band (4.8–5.0 GHz). The proposed antenna array consists of two different types of antenna elements: a T-shaped element, which is connected to the feed line, and a C-shaped element, which is used to divide the bandwidth. The overall size of the proposed antenna element is only 10.5 mm × 5 mm. The multiantenna system has four antennas and is built on a 0.5-mm-thick Rogers 4003C substrate. The results for this antenna show a 10 dB measured bandwidth of 650 MHz at the center frequency of 3.6 GHz and 230 MHz at 4.9 GHz, a gain of more than 4 dBi, an isolation of more than 14 dB, and an overall radiation efficiency of more than 82%.

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