DOI: 10.3390/mi15030385 ISSN: 2072-666X

A Whole W-Band Multi-Polarization Horn Antenna Based on Boifot-Type OMT

Yun Zhao, Bo Zhu, Jiangqiao Ding, Sheng Li
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Control and Systems Engineering

A wideband multi-polarized square-horn antenna based on an orthogonal mode transducer (OMT) is developed for working in the whole W-band in this paper. The designed antenna is capable of radiating multiple polarization modes as horizontal polarization (HP) and vertical polarization (VP) when as single-port excitation and left-handed circular polarization (LHCP) and right-handed circular polarization (RHCP) when as dual-port excitation, owing to the characteristic of the OMT with the transmitting of orthogonally polarized waves. A CNC-layered fabrication approach is proposed, which means that the antenna prototype integrating with a Boifot-type OMT, turning waveguide, twisting waveguide and phase shifter is divided into three layers along the vertical direction to be fabricated based on computerized numerical control (CNC) technology. In the design, the turning waveguide and twisting waveguide are employed to achieve plane consistency of the antenna branch ports. Furthermore, a phase shifter is designed to compensate the orthogonally polarized waves, which can keep the phase of the orthogonally polarized waves consistent in a wideband frequency range from 75 GHz to 110 GHz. A prototype is fabricated and measured to verify the performance of the proposed multi-polarization antenna, and the measured results agree well with the simulation ones. In the whole W-band, the value of return loss is better than 10 dB of all polarization modes, and the value of AR of the LHCP and RHCP is below 3.5 dB. The maximum gain of the antenna reaches up to 18.8 dBi at 110 GHz. In addition, regarding the layered structure, the possible layered assembly error analysis is discussed, which verifies the feasibility of the layered machining for this antenna.

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