DOI: 10.1139/cjp-2023-0245 ISSN: 0008-4204

Time delays in anisotropic systems

Ulf Saalmann, Jan M. Rost
  • General Physics and Astronomy

Scattering properties and time delays for general (non-symmetric) potentials in terms of the respective S-matrices are discussed paradigmatically in one dimension and in comparison to symmetric potentials. Only for the latter the Wigner and Smith time delays coincide. Con- sidering asymmetric potentials also reveals that only one version of S-matrices used in the literature (the one with reflection coefficients on the diagonal) generalizes to the asymmetric case. Finally, we give a criterion how to identify a potential with intrinsic symmetry which behaves like an asymmetric one if it is merely offset from the scattering center.

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