DOI: 10.1097/gox.0000000000005204 ISSN:

Surgical Delay of Thoracodorsal Artery Perforator Flaps for Bilateral Autologous Breast Reconstruction

Ryan D. Hoffman, Mark A. Maier, Hugo St. Hilaire, Robert J. Allen
  • Surgery
  • General Medicine


Autologous reconstruction accounts for nearly one-quarter of all breast reconstruction cases in the United States, with the abdomen functioning as the most popular donor site. This case describes a 62-year-old woman who presented to our clinic with a remote history of estrogen receptor+/progesterone+ breast cancer and bilateral implant-based reconstruction. After grade IV capsular contracture of her left breast, she presented for autologous reconstruction. Due to her body habitus and prior belt lipectomy, deep inferior epigastric perforator flap reconstruction was contra-indicated. The thoracodorsal artery perforator (TDAP) flap is well described in the literature, and was chosen as an alternative salvage procedure to avoid latissimus harvest and the need for implants. The TDAP flap is often limited in volume and prone to distal tip necrosis, limiting its use in breast reconstruction. We have previously demonstrated the utility of the surgical delay phenomenon in improving the reliability of superficial inferior epigastric artery free flap breast reconstruction. In this case, we demonstrate the surgically delayed TDAP flap as a viable alternative to the latissimus flap with implants for bilateral total autologous breast reconstruction.

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