DOI: 10.1111/iwj.14371 ISSN:

Facilitators and barriers to pressure injury prevention, management and education: Perspectives from healthcare professionals—A qualitative study

Nicole Cesca, Ann Szczepanski, Walee Malik, Manpreet Cheema, Brady Allen, Tilak Dutta, Jill I. Cameron, Sharon Gabison
  • Dermatology
  • Surgery


This study aims to (1) characterize healthcare professionals' (HCPs') experiences related to the prevention and management of pressure injuries (PIs) and (2) explore the educational needs of individuals with a past or current history of PIs and their caregivers from the perspective of HCPs. This is a qualitative descriptive study. HCPs (n = 18) were interviewed using a semi‐structured interview guide. Interviews were audio‐recorded, transcribed verbatim and coded using NVivo. Three overarching themes encompassing various dimensions were identified: (1) Facilitators related to PI prevention and management, (2) Challenges related to PI prevention and management and (3) Recommendations for improving patient and caregiver PI education. HCPs identified a greater number of challenges than facilitators related to PI care. This study emphasizes the importance of a patient‐centred and interprofessional approach to patient education for PI prevention and management. Meaningful interventions focused on the patient may improve health literacy and empower patients and caregivers in PI care. Investing in preventive measures and raising awareness are crucial to reducing PI incidence. The findings have implications for HCPs and researchers seeking to enhance patient care and promote effective PI prevention strategies.

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