DOI: 10.1093/bjs/znad241.100 ISSN:

SP9.3 A 5-year retrospective review of “Code Red” traumas requiring immediate surgery in a regional major trauma centre

Jonathan Winter, John Canny, Daniel Harbinson, Susan Yoong
  • Surgery



Trauma is a major cause of mortality leading to over 16,000 deaths annually in England and Wales alone. Code red traumas are the most extreme of these and a proportion will require immediate operative intervention. The aim of this study was to review the outcomes of patients presenting to a regional major trauma centre as code red traumas requiring immediate transfer to theatre and to identify a pathway to facilitate this process.


Data were reviewed for all Code Red Traumas requiring immediate operative intervention between April 2017 and April 2021. Electronic records were searched to identify aetiologies, transfer times and post-operative morbidities and mortalities. Datasets were collected and analysed using Microsoft Excel software.


57 patients were identified and included. The average age was 39 years old. CT was performed in 52/59 patients (88.1%) and median time to CT was 32 minutes. All patients proceeded to theatre with an overall median time to theatre of 144.5 minutes. In hospital mortality was 19.3% (n=11). Primary operating speciality varied with general surgery making up the majority with 30 cases. A consultant surgeon was present in 72% of cases and a consultant anaesthetist in 81% of cases. 84% (n=48) of patients were admitted to ICU post-operatively.


Major trauma remains a significant cause of mortality in our cohort. We have developed a pathway for those requiring direct access to theatre. It is envisaged that this will facilitate expediated transfer to theatre and lead to improved patient outcomes.

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