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SP5.12 Pancreas Graft Outcome dictates the Renal Graft outcomes and overall patient survival in Simultaneous Kidney Pancreas (SPK) Transplant recipients. A UNOS/OPTN Transplant Registry Big Data Analysis over the last 20 years. An Epidemiology In Tra

Hemant Sharma, Sanjay Mehra, Kunal Kapoor, Adham El-Bakry, Bhavesh Devkaran, Abhishek Sharma
  • Surgery



Pancreatic graft outcomes affect the cumulative outcomes of SPK transplant, yet the impact of pancreas graft loss on renal graft and overall patient survival is yet to be reported.


We harmonized the UNOS/OPTN SPK Transplant data (1996-2019) reported to the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services to analyze survival outcomes of recipients who had all cause pancreas graft loss. The demographics report and survival analysis (renal graft/ patient survival) at 1,3, and 5 years post-transplant were data mined. Logistic Regression was done to identify predictors of survival.


N=7036 all-cause pancreatic graft losses were reported from a cohort of N=64815 SPK Transplant recipients during the first five years of transplant. The renal graft survival was 99%, 97%, and 95% in functioning SPK transplant; 77%, 68%, and 54% in recipients with pancreatic graft loss at 1,3, and 5 years respectively. (Log-rank <0.001). The overall patient survival was 84%, 75%, and 66% in recipients with pancreatic graft loss at 1,3, and 5 years, respectively (Log-rank <0.001). Recipient age >45 years (p=0.008), recipient smoking history ( p<0.001), recipient history of hypertension ( p< 0.001), Recipient BMI >30 (p=0.01), cardiac events ( p=0.02) were the variables of importance on univariate analysis affecting renal graft and patient survival. Recipients with functioning Pancreas had a renal transplant survival benefit (0.22; 0.45) at 1 and 5 years & overall patient survival (0.15; 0.33) at 1 and 5 years respectively.


Functioning pancreas graft confers survival benefit to renal graft and overall patient survival. The survival deteriorates over time since pancreas graft failure.

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