DOI: 10.1002/jcc.27340 ISSN: 0192-8651

RISMiCal: A software package to perform fast RISM/3D‐RISM calculations

Yutaka Maruyama, Norio Yoshida
  • Computational Mathematics
  • General Chemistry


Solvent plays an essential role in a variety of chemical, physical, and biological processes that occur in the solution phase. The reference interaction site model (RISM) and its three‐dimensional extension (3D‐RISM) serve as powerful computational tools for modeling solvation effects in chemical reactions, biological functions, and structure formations. We present the RISM integrated calculator (RISMiCal) program package, which is based on RISM and 3D‐RISM theories with fast GPU code. RISMiCal has been developed as an integrated RISM/3D‐RISM program that has interfaces with external programs such as Gaussian16, GAMESS, and Tinker. Fast 3D‐RISM programs for single‐ and multi‐GPU codes written in CUDA would enhance the availability of these hybrid methods because they require the performance of many computationally expensive 3D‐RISM calculations. We expect that our package can be widely applied for chemical and biological processes in solvent. The RISMiCal package is available at

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