DOI: 10.3390/insects14090721 ISSN:

Revisiting the Taxonomy of Cylapocoris Carvalho, 1954 (Hemiptera: Miridae: Cylapinae) with Descriptions of Five New Species and Morphology-Based Phylogenetic Analysis of the Genus

Andrzej Wolski, Adrian Masłowski, Artur Taszakowski
  • Insect Science

This paper provides descriptions of five new species of the Neotropical genus Cylapocoris Carvalho, 1954 (C. bimaculatus n. sp., C. brooksi n. sp., C. carvalhoi n. sp., C. scutellatus n. sp., and C. simplexoides n. sp.). Cylapocoris and Cylapocoroides Carvalho, 1989 are redescribed and rediagnosed. Illustrations of male genitalia, scanning electron micrographs of selected structures of certain taxa, and an identification key to species are provided. Female genitalia are described and illustrated for the first time for Cylapocoris in nine out of 19 known species. A cladistic analysis of the genus, based on 62 morphological characters, is presented as a contribution to the understanding of relationships within Cylapocoris and its relationships with other groups of Cylapinae. The analysis comprises 16 ingroup species and 15 outgroup taxa. Both equal and implied weighting parsimony analyses were used in the phylogenetic reconstruction. We confirm the monophyly of Cylapocoris and its sister-group relationship with Cylapocoroides. Additionally, we identify subgroupings within Cylapocoris. Intertribal relationships within Cylapinae are briefly discussed.

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