DOI: 10.1111/1748-5967.12666 ISSN:

Correlation of fruit tree rhizosphere soils with entomopathogenic fungi

Seulki Kim, Dong Young Hwang, Tae Young Shin, Jin‐Hyeob Kwak
  • Insect Science


Entomopathogenic fungi are microorganisms that control the density of host insects in nature; they are being studied as environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical insecticides for controlling insect pests. The main habitat of entomopathogenic fungi is soil, and the correlation between the distribution of entomopathogenic fungi and the physicochemical characteristics of soils planted with different trees, including vine (outdoor, greenhouse, and greenhouse shine musket), apple, peach, and pear, were analyzed. The entomopathogenic fungi of the genera Beauveria, Metarhizium, and Purpureocillium investigated in this study were all found in soil samples from vine‐greenhouse, apple, and peach trees. Purpureocillium and Beauveria abundances were positively correlated with soil properties; however, Metarhizium abundances were not correlated with soil properties. The Metarhizium isolates discovered in this study showed pathogenicity to cotton aphids (an agricultural pest) and can be employed as sources for biological studies in the future. This study provides data on the diversity and abundance of entomopathogenic fungi related with soil properties, as well as the molecular, biological, and insecticidal characteristics of Metarhizium isolates.

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