DOI: 10.3390/act12120445 ISSN: 2076-0825

Research on Friction Compensation Method of Electromechanical Actuator Based on Improved Active Disturbance Rejection Control

Pan Zhang, Zhaoyao Shi, Bo Yu
  • Control and Optimization
  • Control and Systems Engineering

The friction factor of harmonic reducers affects the transmission accuracy in electromechanical actuators (EMAs). In this study, we proposed a friction feedforward compensation method based on improved active disturbance rejection control (IADRC). A mathematical model of EMA was developed. The relationship between friction torque and torque current was derived. Furthermore, the compound ADRC control method of second-order speed loop and position loop was studied, and an IADRC control method was proposed. A real EMA was developed, and the working principles of the EMA driving circuit and current sampling were analyzed. The three methods—PI, ADRC, and IADRC—were verified by conducting speed step experiments and sinusoidal tracking experiments. The integral values of time multiplied by the absolute error of the three control modes under the step speed mode were approximately 47.7, 32.1, and 15.5, respectively. Disregarding the inertia of the reducer and assuming that the torque during no-load operation equals the friction torque during constant motion, the findings indicate that, under a load purely driven by inertia, the IADRC control method enhances tracking accuracy.

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