DOI: 10.2174/0126662558263462231020111428 ISSN: 2666-2558

Professional Ethics, Challenges and Opportunities for Blockchain Technology in Healthcare Sector: A Systematic Review

Keerti Singh, Charu Krishna, Divya Kumar
  • General Computer Science


The healthcare sector faces numerous issues, such as insurance fraud, electronic medical record management, interoperability, insecure dissemination of information, etc. The novel Blockchain technology holds tremendous potential to transform the healthcare sector by addressing these rising challenges in the industry. It provides a secure platform for storing, disseminating, and retrieving sensitive patient data and health records while preserving the ethical principles of the healthcare sector.


In this study, we systematically reviewed the literature on blockchain technology in healthcare using PRISMA and highlighted how blockchain technology might promote innovation and deliver major improvements in the healthcare sector.


Our goal is to examine the present status of this discipline, focusing on limits and potential advances. Queries were used to gather Scopus, PubMed, SpringerLink, IEEE Xplore, and Web of Science publications that met the criteria for the selection of papers.


This article, thus, analyses the potential for blockchain in the healthcare industry and outlines blockchain-based products in healthcare. Our study enhances and complements prior healthcare blockchain research.

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