DOI: 10.37394/23205.2023.22.27 ISSN: 2224-2872

Enhancing Security in Database Grid Infrastructure for Storage Clusters

N. W. Chanaka Lasantha, Ruvan Abeysekara, M. W. P. Maduranga
  • General Computer Science

This research project primarily focused on improving security by addressing vulnerabilities and creating a cost-scalable storage cluster solution, for applications. The Oracle Grid Infrastructure for Storage Clusters (OGISC) represents cutting-edge advancements in this field. The research extensively explores the philosophy of OGISC. Explains its core methodology. Recognizing the weaknesses of existing security mechanisms, we propose a solution to enhance security measures. A key aspect of our investigation involves integrating Glusterfs, a system known for its ability to scale linearly. We delve into the architecture of the solution demystifying the storage scale-out processes to its operation. Our study goes beyond integration by developing an approach and metadata model specifically tailored for Glusterfs ensuring optimal performance and robustness. One noteworthy aspect of our research is the application of Glusterfs compression with OpenVPN. This exploration highlights the benefits derived from this integration emphasizing how OpenVPN enhances Glusterfs capabilities. Rigorous analysis stages serve as the foundation for our findings resulting in a forward-thinking solution. Finally, we conclude this research with an examination of avenues for future exploration in this dynamic field.

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