DOI: 10.37394/23205.2023.22.28 ISSN: 2224-2872

Examination of AI Algorithms for Image and MRI-based Autism Detection

Prasenjit Mukherjee, R. S. Gokul, Manish Godse
  • General Computer Science

Precise identification of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a challenging task due to the heterogeneity of ASD. Early diagnosis and interventions have positive effects on treatment and later skills development. Hence, it is necessary to provide families and communities with the resources, training, and tools required to diagnose and help patients. Recent work has shown that artificial intelligence-based methods are suitable for the identification of ASD. AI-based tools can be good resources for parents for early detection of ASD in their kids. Even AI-based advanced tools are helpful for health workers and physicians to detect ASD. Facial images and MRI are the best sources to understand ASD symptoms, hence are input required in AI-based model training. The trained models are used for the classification of ASD patients and normal kids. The deep learning models are found to be very accurate in ASD detection. In this paper, we present a comprehensive study of AI techniques like machine learning, image processing, and deep learning, and their accuracy when these techniques are used on facial and MRI images of ASD and normally developed kids.

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