DOI: 10.2500/aap.2024.45.230091 ISSN: 1088-5412

Oral immunotherapy with sunflower seed butter and a review of seed allergy

Carolyn H. Baloh, Joyce T. Hsu
  • Pulmonary and Respiratory Medicine
  • General Medicine
  • Immunology and Allergy

Food allergy to seeds is increasingly more common, with sesame being the most prevalent. Allergy to other seeds, including sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, mustard, and flaxseed, have been reported. Diagnosing a seed allergy is challenging, with many seeds being hidden additives in processed foods and cross-reactive testing. Food labels in the United States are now required to indicate the presence of sesame but other seeds are not required. Oral immunotherapy (OIT) protocols for peanut, milk, and egg are clinically being extrapolated to other foods, including sesame and sunflower seed. This article highlights a case of a patient in whom sunflower seed OIT was administered in a clinical setting.

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