DOI: 10.52403/ijrr.202308138 ISSN:

Optimizing Real-World Evidence Framework for Oncology: Challenges, Opportunities, and Way Forward for India

Ankita Jain, Manmohan Singh, Sonali Dighe
  • General Mathematics

Given the increasing prevalence of rare and metastatic cancers, the utilization of real-world evidence (RWE) has become imperative. RWE plays a crucial role in generating oncology data that aids healthcare providers in their routine clinical practice and, more importantly, informs policymaking decisions. Pfizer and IQVIA joined forces to convene a ground breaking round table discussion involving stakeholders from both private and public organizations. The primary objective of this collaborative initiative was to explore the current state of the real-world evidence (RWE) framework in India, particularly within the realm of oncology. By assessing recent changes in the healthcare landscape, the discussion aimed to identify opportunities for government initiatives, acknowledge associated challenges, and chart a path forward for optimizing oncology clinical decision-making. Several key outcomes emerged from this pioneering endeavour. Firstly, there was a strong emphasis on the significance of public-private partnerships in generating real-world data (RWD) within the Indian context. Specifically, the integration of electronic health records (EHRs) and cancer registries was highlighted as crucial for enhancing the quality and accessibility of RWD. Secondly, the discussion underscored the importance of harnessing real-world claims data obtained from both private and government insurance schemes to advance health outcome research. This data source holds immense potential for informing evidence-based decision-making in the field of oncology. Additionally, the round table meeting facilitated the generation of longitudinal RWD through government-led initiatives, opening avenues for comprehensive and long-term data analysis. Lastly, the exploration of utilizing RWE in reimbursement decisions and potential expansion of indications emerged as a significant area of focus. The insights and conclusions derived from this round table meeting serve as a foundation for continued discussions. The diverse and extensive collection of RWD pertaining to oncology therapeutics holds immense potential to guide decision-making not only within India but also across other Asia-Pacific countries Keywords: Real-world evidence, policymaking, oncology

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