DOI: 10.1002/mma.9645 ISSN:

Mathematical approach for impact of media awareness on measles disease

K N Kavya, Pundikala Veeresha
  • General Engineering
  • General Mathematics

During the recent pandemic caused by COVID‐19, media awareness played a crucial role in educating people about social distancing, wearing masks, quarantine, vaccination, and medication. Media awareness brought individual behavioral changes among the people, which in turn helped reduce the infection rate. Motivated by this, we have formulated a mathematical model introducing a media compartment to mitigate measles disease transmission. In this paper, the SEIR model is used to study measles disease in three cases: one with a delay in vaccination, the second with regular vaccination, and the third with the impact of media awareness on the spreading of measles disease. Further, the dynamical behavior of the models is studied in terms of positivity, boundedness, equilibrium, and basic reproduction number (BRN). The sensitivity analysis of the models is conducted, which verifies the importance of the BRN ( ) to be less than one for disease eradication. The numerical study confirms the impact of media awareness on exposed and infected populations.

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