DOI: 10.52403/ijrr.202308136 ISSN:

Manggunting OBUK Batak Toba Study: Local Wisdom

Donni Victor Pardamean Samosir, Jekmen Sinulingga
  • General Mathematics

In this study the authors discuss Manggunting obuk Toba Batak Studies: Local Wisdom. The purpose of this research is to explain the Manggunting obuk Toba Batak Describe the Manggunting obuk Toba Batak, and Describe the norms of local wisdom contained in scissors Toba Batak. The theory used to analyze the data from this research is the theory of wisdom local. In completing this thesis, the author uses qualitative methods. To find the results in this thesis, the writer uses data collection methods, namely (1) direct interviews with informants, (2) observation, (3) documentation related to the object under study. The results found in this study are that there are manggunting carried out simultaneously using those carried out starting from Mangharanoani, Marsepsi,scissors or fundraising for esek-esek, marambit, mebat mengbati, ulos parompa, ulos tondi gifts, and dugu-dugu. The message is on scissors is a form of gratitude to God because children are born safe and healthy, besides that this also strengthens friendship between families, and the values of local wisdom contained incisors are politeness, honesty, social solidarity, harmony and conflict resolution, commitment, positive thoughts, gratitude, hard work, discipline, health, mutual cooperation, gender management, preservation and creativity culture. The author hopes that young people will preserve and recommend knowledge about the methods, stages and processes of Manggunting obuk in the Toba Batak area. Keywords: Local Wisdom, Toba, Mangguting obuk, Hair, Babies

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