DOI: 10.3390/universe10030139 ISSN: 2218-1997

Nuclear Modification Factor of Inclusive Charged Particles in Au+Au Collisions at sNN = 27 GeV with the STAR Experiment

Alisher Aitbayev
  • General Physics and Astronomy

The Beam Energy Scan (BES) program at RHIC aims to explore the QCD phase diagram, including the search for the evidence of the 1st order phase transition from hadronic matter to Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) and the location of the QCD critical point. One of the features previously observed in the study of QGP is the effect of suppression of particle production with high transverse momenta pT (>2 GeV/c) at energies sNN = 62.4–200 GeV, which was deduced from the charged-particle nuclear modification factor (RCP) measured using the data from Beam Energy Scan Program Phase I (BES-I) of STAR experiment. In 2018, STAR has collected over 500 million events from Au+Au collisions at sNN = 27 GeV as a part of the STAR BES-II program, which is about a factor of 10 higher than BES-I 27 GeV data size. In this report, we present new measurements of charged particle production and the nuclear modification factor RCP, from this new 27 GeV data set and compare them with the BES-I results. The new measurements extend the previous BES-I results to higher transverse momentum range, which allows better exploration of the jet quenching effects at low RHIC energies, and may help to understand the effects of the formation and properties of QGP at these energies.

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