DOI: 10.1063/5.0194744 ISSN: 2158-3226

Broadband InBiSe3 alloy photoelectric detector from visible to terahertz

Hang Chen, Tuntan Wu, Shijie Chen, Qiyuan Zhang, Lin Jiang, Wei Zhou, Yanqing Gao, Niangjuan Yao, Zhiming Huang
  • General Physics and Astronomy

With the demand for communication, imaging, spectroscopy, and other applications, broadband detection has always been a particularly popular direction. However, the current photodetectors have the problems of relatively narrow response bands, a low sensitivity, a slow response speed, and complex manufacturing processes. In this article, the alloy material InBiSe3 is proposed to manufacture a wideband photodetector from visible to terahertz at room temperature. The noise equivalent power (NEP) of the detector is 1.37 × 10−10 W Hz−1/2 at 635 nm, 1.2 × 10−10 W Hz−1/2 at 808 nm, and 1.56 × 10−10 W Hz−1/2 at 980 nm. The device also exhibits a good response in the terahertz and millimeter-wave bands, with a NEP of 8.33 × 10−15 W Hz−1/2 at 0.023 THz, 7.03 × 10−14 W Hz−1/2 at 0.14 THz, 6.14 × 10−15 W Hz−1/2 at 0.171 THz, 1.91 × 10−14 W Hz−1/2 at 0.35 THz, and 4.04 × 10−14 W Hz−1/2 at 0.5 THz based on the electromagnetic induced potential wells effect. The response time is as fast as 10 µs. Our results demonstrate the promise of the InBiSe3 alloy for photoelectric applications and provide a method for the high performance of broadband photodetectors.

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