DOI: 10.1063/5.0187907 ISSN: 2158-3226

Goniometric accuracy and compensation methods for full-space laser positioning systems

Qing Zhu, Yu Su, Zhen Zhang, Fei Liu, Qing Liu
  • General Physics and Astronomy

The accurate large-scale positioning system is a novel full-space laser positioning system that has the advantages of automatic and multi-node parallel measurement and sub-millimeter positioning accuracy, and it has become an important component in the digital manufacturing of large equipment. Goniometric accuracy is particularly important for the evaluation of system function and accuracy improvement. An improved goniometric accuracy calibration method is proposed to assess the goniometric accuracy by using multiple measurement points to fit the mapping relationship between the goniometric measurement of the system and the goniometric measurement of the multi-tooth indexing table. The feasibility of the accuracy assessment method is verified by establishing a geometric model and performing modeling and simulation analysis. The method is verified using an all-space laser positioning system, and the dynamic performance of the base station is optimized to improve the overall goniometric accuracy. The maximum value of the goniometric error is 0.008″ and the goniometric accuracy is 0.026″ after fitting the curve by the mapping relation, demonstrating high stability, and the fluctuation of the goniometric error after optimization is improved from the original ±15″ to ±7.5″, verifying the effectiveness of the goniometric compensation method. This method solves the problem of coaxiality calibration in goniometric evaluation and provides the basis for the traceability of the goniometric accuracy.

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