Adelia Oktaviani, Evi Setiawati, Eko Hidayanto, Nunung Nuraeni

Determination of Uniformity Value Response and Calibration Factors TLD Chips Using GAMMA Sources

  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

The response of the Thermoluminescence Dosimeter (TLD) varies from one type of TLD to another depending on the material, thickness, holder, filter/absorber on each chip, type of radiation, energy and direction of radiation. This research was conducted to determine the uniformity value of the TLD chip response and to determine the calibration factor of the TLD chip using a gamma radiation source. The TLD response must be known so that the measurement results are accurate. TLD-100 irradiation in this study used a radiation source Cesium – 137. TLD used as many as 150 pieces with a large irradiation dose of 5 mSv. The irradiated TLD-100 response resulted in a standard deviation of 1% to 5% with each response corresponding to its standard deviation value. The results of the irradiation in this study the value of the calibration factor obtained for the standard deviation values of 1%, 2%, 3%, 4%, and 5% which ranged between 0,121 mSv/nC – 0,206 mSv/nC. With a large uniformity of variation in the range of 2,25% - 14%.

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