Wendan Shi, Ling Zhang, Gabriela L M Ghisi, Lise Panaretto, Paul Oh, Robyn Gallagher

Evaluation of a digital patient education programme for Chinese immigrants after a heart attack

  • Advanced and Specialized Nursing
  • Medical–Surgical Nursing
  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

Abstract Aims To evaluate a self-administered digital education resource for patients after a heart attack (adapted simplified Chinese version of Cardiac College™) on secondary prevention knowledge and health behaviour change outcomes. Methods and results Chinese immigrants recovering from a heart attack were recruited from cardiac rehabilitation programmes at four metropolitan tertiary hospitals. Participants provided access to Cardiac College™ (adapted simplified Chinese version), a self-learning secondary prevention virtual education resource over 4 weeks. The web-based resources include 9 booklets and 10 pre-recorded video education sessions. Assessments included health literacy, secondary prevention knowledge, self-management behaviours, self-reported physical activity, and a heart-healthy diet. Satisfaction, acceptability, and engagement were also assessed. From 81 patients screened, 67 were recruited, and 64 (95.5%) completed the study. The participants’ mean age was 67.2 ± 8.1 years old, 81.2% were males, and the majority had no English proficiency (65.6%). Following the intervention, significant improvements were observed for secondary prevention knowledge overall and in all subdomains, with the most improvement occurring in medical, exercise, and psychological domains (P < 0.001). Dietary and self-management behaviours also improved significantly (P < 0.05). According to participants, the educational materials were engaging (100%), and the content was adequate (68.8%); however, 26.6% found the information overwhelming. Overall, 46.9% were highly satisfied with the resources. Conclusion A self-learning virtual patient-education package improved secondary prevention knowledge and self-care behaviour in Chinese immigrants after a heart attack. The culturally adapted version of Cardiac College™ offers an alternative education model where bilingual staff or translated resources are limited.

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