Hang Ding, Dongdong Wang, Chuanjun Li, Xiao Liang, Xingcheng Li

Design of Convergent and Accurate Guidance Law with Finite Time in Complex Adversarial Scenarios

  • Aerospace Engineering

The target can deceive the flight vehicle by releasing an infrared decoy to make the line-of-sight (LOS) angle rate deflect greatly, thus causing the flight vehicle to miss the target. Therefore, in order to accurately strike the target in complex adversarial scenarios, this paper proposes a finite-time convergence guidance law (FTCG) combined with a finite-time disturbance observer (FTDO). The complex adversarial scenario is established by combining the relative motion model between the flight vehicle and the target and the motion model of the infrared decoy. Based on this, considering the dynamic characteristic of the flight vehicle’s autopilot, a guidance model is obtained. Utilizing sliding mode control theory and finite-time control theory, an FTCG of the LOS angle rate is designed. Then, the finite-time convergence of the guidance law is proved and the total convergence time is derived. Finally, for the target maneuvering that is difficult to measure in the guidance law, an FTDO is used to estimate and compensate for the target maneuvering in the guidance law. Simulation results show that the FTCG can make the LOS angle rate quickly converge and accurately strike the target in different scenarios, with a good guidance accuracy and robustness. Compared with the sliding mode guidance law (SMGL) and the adaptive sliding mode guidance law (ASMGL) based on an extended state observer (ESO), the advantages of the designed guidance law are illustrated. Finally, FTCG is extended to be three dimensional and compared with the proportional navigation guidance law (PNG) to further illustrate its effectiveness in a three-dimensional coordinate system.

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