Liang Dong, Tiansiyu Gan, Qinfeng Song, Yan Qiu, Shaohua Zhang, Yongtao Zhao

Corrosion behavior of X80 steel in a simulated soil solution under Square Wave Current Interference

  • General Materials Science
  • General Chemical Engineering
  • General Chemistry

Abstract The buried pipeline is disturbed by the dynamic DC stray current with the subway as the main leakage source, which has the safety risk of accelerating corrosion, resulting in pipeline failure, which not only causes economic losses but also threatens personal safety. Therefore, it is necessary to study the corrosion behavior of pipeline steel under dynamic DC interference. Therefore, the corrosion behavior of X80 steel under dynamic DC interference were studied by mass loss test, AC impedance, circuit simulation, XRD, and Pourbaix diagram. Combined with the corrosion efficiency and Pourbaix diagram of the Fe-H2O system, the reversible process and reduction process mechanism in the Faraday process are proposed. The reason why the corrosion efficiency slows down in the process of non-Faraday is analyzed by the electric double layer model of equivalent circuit calculation. In addition, based on the above corrosion process, the corresponding conceptual model of the corrosion mechanism is proposed. The experimental results show that with the asymmetry of positive and negative half cycle interference duration and the increase of current density, the corrosion efficiency and current corrosion efficiency of X80 steel decrease, and local corrosion intensifies. The length of negative half cycle interference affects the capacitive charge-discharge effect at the metal/solution interface and the reduction reaction process of corrosion products, resulting in corrosion slowing down and corrosion efficiency reduction. This is also an important reason for the reduction of corrosion mass loss observed in the experiment compared with steady-state DC.

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