Shilei Cao, Man Yang, Jian Liu

Continuum Modeling and Boundary Control of a Satellite with a Large Space Truss Structure

  • Aerospace Engineering

Due to its advantages of easy deployment and high stiffness-to-mass ratio, the utilization of truss structures for constructing large satellites presents an appealing solution for modern space missions, including Earth observation and astronomy. However, the dimensions of the traditional finite element model for a satellite with a large space truss structure become exceedingly large as the structure’s size increases. The control system design process based on the finite element model is complex and time-consuming. This paper employs the continuum modeling method to represent the truss structure as a continuous entity. The bending vibrations of the truss structure are encapsulated by a simplified partial differential equation (PDE), as opposed to the more intricate traditional finite element model. Simultaneously, the satellite’s attitude motion is characterized by an ordinary differential equation (ODE). Building upon this coupled PDE-ODE model, a boundary control law that only requires sensors/actuators at the boundary is formulated to effectively mitigate structural vibrations and regulate the satellite’s attitude. The exponential stability of this closed-loop system is scrutinized using Lyapunov’s direct method. The simulation results affirm that the continuum modeling method is indeed well-suited for satellites endowed with substantial truss structures, and the proposed boundary law proves to be highly effective in both attitude tracking and vibration suppression.

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