DOI: 10.3390/hematolrep15030053 ISSN:

CD5+ Primary Cutaneous Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma, Leg Type, Presenting as an Asymptomatic Nodule

Amy Xiao, Colleen J. Beatty, Sonal Choudhary, Oleg E. Akilov
  • Hematology

Primary cutaneous diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, leg type (PCDLBCL-LT), is a rare and aggressive variant of primary cutaneous lymphoma that typically expresses B cells as well as MUM1/IRF4, BCL2, and FOXP1, whereas BCL6 may be present or undetectable. We present a case of CD5+ PCDLBCL-LT presenting as a 6 mm pink-bluish nodule on the mid-left thigh, which was concerning for basal cell carcinoma. The histological examination reveals the presence of an intradermal proliferation of large, atypical CD5+, CD20+ BCL2+, BCL6+, MUM-1+, and Cyclin-D1+ lymphocytes in a nodular, diffuse interstitial and perivascular distribution. Because the patient presented with a small, single nodule, the systemic treatment of multiagent chemotherapy was avoided and localized electron beam radiation therapy with rituximab was initiated instead, achieving complete response. Early identification of PCDLBCL-LT is key for maximal therapeutic benefit and prognosis; it is important to consider PCDLBCL-LT on the differential when evaluating small, single nodules on the lower extremities of elderly patients.

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