DOI: 10.31857/s020595920029012-9 ISSN: 0205-9592

Big Orientation Test: Development and Evaluation of Psychometric Properties

D. F. Aliev
  • General Psychology

The results of evaluation of psychometric properties of the newly developed questionnaire “Big Orientation Test” (BOT) are presented. The standardization sample consisted of college students, university students, doctorate students, and adults (N=1648) aged 16–63 (M=19.35; SD=6.52), women — 76%. The study provides data on construct validity — convergent and discriminant validity, and on reliability of the measure. The analysis carried out allows to conclude that the assessment tool is suitable for both for research purposes and for solving a wide range of applied problems in various areas of social practice — business, education, politics, medicine, jurisprudence, etc.

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