DOI: 10.1177/00332941231219467 ISSN: 0033-2941

Being Virtual in Real Interpersonal Interaction: What Makes People Prone to Phubbing?

Selma Kılıç, Eyüp Çelik
  • General Psychology

This study examines the relationship between phubbing, body image, and general self-efficacy. The study group consists of 282 adults over the age of 18. Phubbing Scale, Body Image Scale, and General Self-Efficacy Scale were used to collect data in the study. The collected data were analyzed by independent sample t-test, Pearson correlation coefficient, and regression analysis. As a result of the research, it was found that there was a statistically significant and negative relationship between phubbing and general self-efficacy and body image. As a result of the regression analysis, it was seen that general self-efficacy and body image predicted phubbing. In addition, it was concluded that phubbing differed significantly according to marital status. According to this finding, it has been determined that singles' phubbing level is higher than married individuals. On the other hand, it was determined that the level of phubbing did not differ significantly according to gender.

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