DOI: 10.1177/10790632231219238 ISSN: 1079-0632

Latent Profile Analysis Predicting Recidivism Among Women Who Have Sexually Offended

Judy H. Hong, Holly A. Miller, Yu Liu, Paulina A. Kulesz, Rheeda L. Walker
  • Psychiatry and Mental health
  • General Psychology

The few existing typology studies on women who have sexually offended (WWSO) have largely been limited by small sample sizes, have not included scale scores from risk assessments, or used recidivism within their typology (instead of using typologies to predict recidivism). In our sample of 241 WWSO, we conducted a latent profile analysis and observed four, distinct profiles: “low-risk WWSO,” characterized by fewer criminal history incidents and lower risk-assessment scores; “problem-endorsing WWSO,” with higher probability of endorsing various life problems such as educational/employment and emotional/personal issues; “antisocial WWSO” with more criminal history incidents, alcohol/drug problems, and higher scores on psychopathy; and “combined WWSO” with characteristics of both the problem-endorsing and antisocial profiles. This last profile showed elevations in general and/or violent recidivism risk, but relatively low recidivism. There were no cases of sexual recidivism in our sample following an average 30-month follow-up period. Membership in the antisocial profile predicted general and/or violent recidivism and suggests that WWSO typologies may be useful in predicting non-sexual recidivism for this population.

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