Yuanhao Xia, Long Jiang, Yi Chen, Yiping Zhao, Lili Yang, Dengteng Ge

Bidirectional-Reinforced Carbon Fiber/Polyether-Ether-Ketone Composite Thin-Walled Pipes via Pultrusion-Winding for On-Orbit Additive Manufacturing

  • General Materials Science

Benefitting from lightweight, high strength, long life, and green recyclability, continuous fiber reinforced thermoplastic composite (CFTPC) pipes have attracted extensive interest, especially in the on-orbit additive manufacturing of structural components. However, the preparation of CFTPC pipes remains challenging due to the on-orbit limited space and high processing temperature of thermoplastic resin. Here, we report an effective approach for high performance carbon fiber/polyether-ether-ketone (CF/PEEK) thin-walled pipes via bidirectional reinforcement using the pultrusion-winding technique. The continuous fabrication of thin-walled pipes can be achieved, but the limitation by the size of core mold is also broken. The compressive and shear performance of CF/PEEK pipes with different layer designs have been studied based on experiments and simulations. With the increase in axial prepreg tape layer, the resultant CF/PEEK pipes exhibit greatly improved axial compression strength. The finite element analysis indicates that the maximum axial stress is decreased due to the axial enhancement. The flexural strength is greatly proved with pultrusion–winding cycles. The simulation confirms that the circumferential strain is effectively reduced. The high performance of bidirectional reinforced CF/PEEK pipes and the facile controllability of this approach highlight their suitability for utilization in on-orbit manufacturing of large-scale structures.

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