Böbrek Nakil Hastalarında Hiperürisemi ve Allopuirnol Tedavisinin Graft Sonlanımına Etkileri

  • General Materials Science

Introduction: Kidney transplant recipients(KTRs) may have high level of serum uric acid(SUA) due to greft dysfunction and immunosuppressives. In this study, we evaluated effect of high SUA levels and allopurinol therapy in KTRs on renal functions. Patients and Methods: 113 of 233 KTRs had elevated SUA level(G1). Fiftyseven of G1 received allopurinol treatment(G1A+) and 56 patients G1A-) did not. 56 of 118 patients who were followed for five years(G5) were hyperuricemic(G5-1) and 26 of G5-1 treated with allopurinol(G5-1A+) and 30 of them did not(G5-1A-). 62 patients were normourisemic(G5-2). GFR

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