Yuswinda Febrita, Rudi Hartono

Analysis of Thermal Characteristics of Urban Streets Using Thermal Imaging Camera : Case Study of Commercial Streets in Banjarbaru

  • Cardiology and Cardiovascular Medicine

Continuous urban growth and global warming over the past few decades have led to the urban heat island (UHI) effect, which has become a serious threat to urban residents. Impervious surfaces, low-albedo buildings, and lack of vegetated areas are the main causes of poor urban thermal environments, especially during summer. Several previous studies only focused on the thermal characteristics of each building unit that influence pedestrian thermal comfort. The aim of this research is to analyze the thermal characteristics of various physical elements on urban roads using thermal imaging cameras, and present a conceptual model of improved road shapes and materials for buildings and pavements with respect to the thermal environment in cities to improve the thermal comfort of outdoor pedestrians room. This study examines the road-scale thermal environment of two main commercial roads: A. Yani street km.33-37 and Panglima Batur street, in Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. This study conducted field measurements both during the day and at night in July 2023 to investigate changes in urban surface temperatures over time. The results show that trees are the most effective mitigation element for reducing surface temperatures. With regard to the type of building use, the highest surface temperature is near asphalt shophouses with minimal trees along the road. Glass building facades and dark-colored or partially metal-covered walls contribute to high surface temperatures. Likewise, the temperature of cast concrete in parking areas and sidewalks on urban streets is also very high during the day. The thermal characteristics of various urban road elements should be considered to reduce surface temperatures and reduce the urban heat island effect.

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