DOI: 10.3390/math11163544 ISSN:

An Approach to Solving Direct and Inverse Scattering Problems for Non-Selfadjoint Schrödinger Operators on a Half-Line

Vladislav V. Kravchenko, Lady Estefania Murcia-Lozano
  • General Mathematics
  • Engineering (miscellaneous)
  • Computer Science (miscellaneous)

In this paper, an approach to solving direct and inverse scattering problems on the half-line for a one-dimensional Schrödinger equation with a complex-valued potential that is exponentially decreasing at infinity is developed. It is based on a power series representation of the Jost solution in a unit disk of a complex variable related to the spectral parameter by a Möbius transformation. This representation leads to an efficient method of solving the corresponding direct scattering problem for a given potential, while the solution to the inverse problem is reduced to the computation of the first coefficient of the power series from a system of linear algebraic equations. The approach to solving these direct and inverse scattering problems is illustrated by several explicit examples and numerical testing.

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