Peng Li, Minghui Liu, Jiaxing Zhou, Li Chen, Meifeng Cai

Adsorption Performance of Different Wetland Substrates for Ammonia Nitrogen: An Experimental Study

  • Water Science and Technology
  • Aquatic Science
  • Geography, Planning and Development
  • Biochemistry

To investigate the adsorption performance of different substrates for ammonia nitrogen in wastewater, adsorption experiments are conducted on four substrates, namely, zeolite, quartz sand, volcanic rock, and biological ceramsite, and the experimental data are analyzed using adsorption isotherms and three kinetic models. The results show that with the increasing dosage of the substrates, the adsorption capacity gradually decreases, and the removal rate gradually increases. The removal rates all show a rapid increase in the early stage (the first 14 h) and gradually reach a stable state in the later stage (after more than 48 h). The higher the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the NH4Cl solution, the greater the unit adsorption capacity of ammonia nitrogen by the substrate, the longer the adsorption time required to reach adsorption equilibrium, the lower the total removal rate of ammonia nitrogen, and the longer it takes for the concentration of ammonia nitrogen in the substrate and solution to reach equilibrium. The adsorption capacity of zeolite to ammonia nitrogen is much higher than that of quartz sand, biological ceramsite, and volcanic rock, so zeolite is suitable as the wetland substrate. The adsorption of ammonia nitrogen by the four substrates is principally multi-molecular layer adsorption, and the adsorption phase is heterogeneous.

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