DOI: 10.31703/glsr.2023(viii-ii).07 ISSN: 2708-2466

A Review of International Laws and Principles Governing Business and Human Rights

Miftahuddin Khilji, Muhammad Fayaz
  • General Energy

Human rights are closely interlinked with business, and this relationship has extensively been of fundamental emphasis to international law. Multinational corporations (hereinafter, MNCs) and business enterprises, due to their influential nature, often escape weak domestic regulations. This article examines international law governing BHR and explores the reasons for the convergence from voluntary measures to binding law. It elaborates on the role of the International Bill of Rights in addressing human rights protection in the context of business activities. It then delves into UN non-binding measures that have been endorsed in the past, highlighting their significant standards and the ongoing relevant debate. Furthermore, the article examines the progression towards a binding treaty. While acknowledging that a binding treaty may not completely solve the complex issue of BHR violations, it argues that it can encourage states to align their national legislations and strengthen existing non-binding instruments such as ‘National Action Plans’.

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