DOI: 10.37394/232012.2023.18.24 ISSN: 2224-3461

A New Approximate Analytical Expression of Non-Isothermal Diffusion Model

J. Mala, G. Suganya, M. Mallikarjuna, R. Senthamarai
  • General Physics and Astronomy

In this study, we’ve addressed the Lane-Emden boundary value problem that appears in biochemical, scientific, and chemical applications. We’ve used the Taylor series approach to solve the non-isothermal reaction-diffusion equation in a planar catalyst. We’ve derived the approximate analytical expression for concentration and effectiveness factors. The collected results are illustrated using appropriate graphs. The presented analysis proves the applicability of the utilized method's dependability and effectiveness. We’ve also solved the equation numerically by using MATLAB software to compare our approximate analytical solutions. Our analytical results of concentration and effectiveness factor are most appropriately matched with the numerical results. We’ve also discussed the influence of the parameters on concentration and effectiveness factors.

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