DOI: 10.52403/ijrr.202308129 ISSN:

A Descriptive Cross-Sectional Study on Prevalence of Driving Anger Amongst Adolescent Population in Designated Zones Within Bhopal, India

Sharat V Kondaguli
  • General Mathematics

This descriptive cross-sectional study investigates the prevalence of driving anger among adolescents in designated zones within Bhopal, India. Anger, characterized as a hostile emotional state, holds potential for harmful behaviors. The study explores the development of anger from childhood to adolescence, emphasizing its relevance to driving behavior. The concept of "road rage" is defined, illustrating its intersection with driving anger. The research employed a questionnaire-based approach, collecting data on socio-demographic profiles and utilizing the Deffenbacher Driving Anger Scale (Short Scale) to assess driving anger levels. The study's significance lies in addressing the growing concern of road rage incidents among young drivers in India. It is revealed that about 87% of the study population has higher levels of driving anger. Keywords: Adolescents, driving anger, road rage, Deffenbacher Driving Anger Scale.

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